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Kibo Safari CampKibo Safari CampKibo Safari CampKibo Safari Camp, a new addition of a tented camp in Amboseli National Park. Kibo Safari Camp exudes a rustic appeal to luxury as most of its construction was implemented with use of natural materials hence giving it a more natural look.
All tents are equipped with a sink (hot and cold running water), shower stall (hot and cold running water) and toilet with flushing water. The water comes from an 85m deep bore hole. It is crystal clear,potable and tastes wonderful. The showers are fitted with low pressure heads in efforts to be environmentally friendly and not use too much water but at the end of the day you still come 'home' to a hot shower.
Water is heated both by solar thermal units and by log fire. It is then put into the traditional 'safari drum' that is located at a high level just behind your tent. You then have ample water for a good shower at the end of the day. Inside the tents are lit using compact fluorescent energy saving lamps that currently are run off a generator but that will soon be running off the abundant solar energy collected during the day.
The camp is surrounded by an electric fence to keep the large animals out. Even so they are so close that you can comfortably sit in your porch and watch elephants and other animal stroling and grazing close by.
Meal are prepared by well trained chefs. Meals includes a variety of international and local cuisine.

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